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Hello.  My name is Betsy Lusby, and I have desginated myself as the family historian.  I started researching my family history abou two years ago.  Why am I doing this?  Curiosity mainly.  Being a Navy brat all my life, we never stayed in one place longer than a few years, and then it was off to my dad’s next duty station.  So I was never around my extended family a lot.  Thus, I don't know much about them.

A few years ago, a new show aired that you may have heard of…”Who Do You Think You Are?”  I never missed an episode.  Soon I was asking myself some of the same questions, and wondering why I never inquired about my family history with my parents before.  Now after doing research for a few years, I wish I had, especially with my grandparents.  Now they are no longer with us, and that easy to get information is lost forever.

My dad’s family is deeply ingrained in Virginia and Washington, DC, and my mom’s family is in the Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, etc) and on Prince Edward Island in Canada.  All were immigrants that came from England, Germany, Switzerland, and Scotland.  There may be some Irish in there also.

So in the beginning, my aim was to trace the origins of the following ancestors:  Lusby and Sporie.  On the Lusby side, I’ve been led to the Henning’s and the Armistead’s.  On the Sporie side, I’ve been led to the Tanton’s and the Stavert’s.  Easy right?  Six lines…how hard can that be?  Well, I’ve also discovered some other lines, as I never thought of the women that the men had married, and that gives me even more to research.  It’s a good thing that I like researching.

Currently, I am searching the following families: 
  • Lusby (Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland)
  • Hennings (New York, Washington DC, Germany)
  • Armistead (Washington DC England)
  • Sporie (New York, Connecticut, Maine, Germany)
  • Tanton (Maine, Prince Edward Island (Canada), England)
  • Stavert (Prince Edward Island, Scotland)
Some of the newer lines that I’ve recently discovered and am excited to learn  more about include Raitz, Dameron, Douglas, Grundisch, Sharp, Linkletter and Thompson.

I hope that with this blog, I can connect with other people and relatives (known and unknown), and continue filling in all the blank spaces and hear stories and see/share photographs.  If you are reading this and are related to me (or think you may be related), please contact me.

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