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Surname Saturday - Dameron

The next surname on my list, going alphabetically, is Dameron.  I haven't done much research on this line.  In fact, I've only been able to go back as far as my 3rd great grandfather, Charles Y. Dameron, and I've only been able to take him back to 1850 via the U.S. Federal Census for that year.  Next on my list for this family is to research this other children and see what I can find out.

Descendants of Charles Y. Dameron

Generation 1
CHARLES Y DAMERON was born in 1813 in Richmond County, Virginia, USA. He married LUCY S. DOUGLAS, daughter of Edward Richard Douglas Jr. and Hannah B. Hogans on 01 Oct 1833 in Northumberland County, Virginia. She was born about 1811 in Richmond County, Virginia. She died on 22 Jul 1865 in Richmond County, Virginia.

Charles Y Dameron and Lucy S. Douglas had the following children:

Hannah A. Dameron (1842-????)
Maranda A. Dameron (1845-????)
Francis Jane Dameron (1849-1927)
Caroline Y. Dameron (1852-????)
Malchendie Dameron (1853-????)

Generation 2
FRANCIS JANE DAMERON was born on 04 Aug 1849 in Northumberland County, Virginia. She died in Feb 1927 in Alexandria, Virginia. She married THOMAS WASHINGTON LUSBY, son of John Lusby and Margaret B. Self on 25 May 1870 in Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia. He was born on 31 Oct 1835 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He died on 02 Feb 1906 in Robley, Richmond County, Virginia.

Thomas Washington Lusby and Francis Jane Dameron had the following children:

Charles Edward Lusby (1871-1886)
Lucy Margaret Lusby (1872-1910)
Fanny May Lusby (1875-1878)
Thomas Kirk Lusby (1877-1954)
Frederick Claybrook Lusby (1880-1881)
Harry Calhoun Lusby (1882-1950)
William George Lusby (1884-1926)
Theodore Washington Lusby (1887-1918)
Benjamin Franklin Lusby (1889-1968)
Walter Blair Lusby (1892-1904)
Asa Allin Lusby (1894-1960)

Generation 3
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LUSBY was born on 20 Apr 1889 in Stonewall, Richmond, Virginia. He died on 19 Jun 1968 in Lancaster County, Virginia. He married (1) EDITH IRENE RAITZ, daughter of Frank W Raitz and Francis May Thompson about 1911 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. She was born on 10 Jan 1893 in Washington, District of Columbia. She died in Mar 1946. He married (2) WILLIE ANN PERCIFUL about 1949. She was born in Pennsylvania. She died about 1968 in Virginia.

Benjamin Franklin Lusby and Edith Irene Raitz had the following children:

Clarence Wesley Lusby (1913-1966)
Francis Margaret Lusby (1916-1916)
Marian Irene Lusby (1917-2000)
Margaret Elaine Lusby (1922-1991)
Edythmae Lusby (1924-2009)

Generation 4
CLARENCE WESLEY LUSBY was born about 1913 in Washington, District of Columbia. He died on 09 May 1966 in Bladensburg, Prince George's, Maryland. He married ELIZABETH ARMISTEAD HENNINGS, daughter of Arthur Cole Hennings and Elsie M Armistead on 03 Aug 1935 in District of Columbia. She was born on 31 Mar 1917 in Washington, District of Columbia. She died on 24 Mar 1987 in Arlington, Virginia.

Clarence Wesley Lusby and Elizabeth Armistead Hennings had the following children:

Gary Wesley Lusby (Living)
AFL (Living) – my father
Carol Irene Lusby (Living)

If you think we may be related, please contact me.

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