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Surname Saturday - Armistead

Today I make my first post for Surname Saturday, a daily blogging prompt from Genabloggers.  I thought long and hard about which name highlight, but couldn't make a decision.  So I decided to just go alphabetically, starting with "A".

The Armistead line runs on my dad's side with his mother, Elizabeth Armistead Hennings.  I don't have much in the way of information on this line, and I have only been able to go back to 1830, which is about when my 3rd great grandfather, William Christie Armistead, was born.

All that I have been able to confirm about him is his full name, his children, and that he spent his entire life in Washington, DC.  There is some question about where he was born as some records indicate Washington, DC and some indicate Virginia.  I do know there is a lot of Armistead's in both Virginia and Washington, DC, but so far I haven't been able to find a common link.  If only I could find out who his parents were.  His burial record just lists his father's last name, and I haven't a clue as to who is mother was (but I'm assuming right now that her maiden name might have been Christie).

Anyway, here is my link to the Armistead's of Washington, DC.

Descendants of William Christie Armistead 

Generation 1 
WILLIAM CHRISTIE ARMISTEAD was born about 1830 in Washington, DC. He died on 03 Nov 1909 in Washington, DC. He married (1) SARAH ANN SIMPSON on 05 Nov 1852 in Washington, DC. She was born about 1835 in Maryland. She died on 21 May 1873 in Washington, DC. He married (2) JULIA ANN SALF on 26 Jul 1877 in Washington, DC. She was born in Feb 1842 in Maryland. She died on 22 Feb 1910 in Washington, DC (According to her cemetery records, she died of a strangulated hernia.). Both are buried at Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC.

William and Sarah had the following children:

Thomas H. Armistead (1854-1895)
William C. Armistead (1857-1862)
Rose Armistead (1859-????)
Robert Armistead (1862 - 1874)
William Augustus Armistead (1864 - 1908) 
Julia Ann Armistead (1869-1893)
Samuel Armistead (1870-1923)

Generation 2 
WILLIAM AUGUSTUS ARMISTEAD was born in Sep 1864 in Washington, DC. He died on 07 Mar 1908 in Washington, DC (Cause of death was listed as Tuberculosis of Larnyx. Information about cause of death was found over with the picture of his headstone at Find A He married (1) FRANCIS HOWE THOMPSON on 13 Mar 1894 in Washington, DC (Service was held at Christ Church in East Washington and officiated by Gilbert Williams.). She was born about 1867 in Illinois (According to birth record of her stillborn daughter, Illinois was listed as place of mother's birth.). He married (2) MARTHA A. "MATTIE" TURNER, daughter of Joseph S. Turner and Rebecca about 1897. She was born about 1874 in Maryland. She died about 1948 in Washington, DC. All three of them are buried at Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC.

William and Francis had the following children:

ELSIE Mae ARMISTEAD (1894-1977)

William and Martha "Mattie" had the following children:

BEULAH E. ARMISTEAD (1899 - 1899)

Generation 3 
ELSIE Mae ARMISTEAD was born on 07 Dec 1894 in Washington, DC. She died on 22 Aug 1977 in Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont. She married (1) ARTHUR COLE HENNINGS, son of Bernard J. Hennings and Ella Cole on 14 Jul 1913 in Washington, DC. He was born on 05 Sep 1892 in Corning, Steuben, New York. He died on 05 Jan 1966 in Fresno, California. She married (2) JAMES PAUL NORRIS, son of James L Norris and Elizabeth P about 1928. He was born on 21 Feb 1906 in Washington, DC. He died on 13 Jul 1968 in Arlington, Virginia.

Arthur Cole Hennings and Elsie M Armistead had the following children:


Generation 4 
ELIZABETH ARMISTEAD HENNINGS was born on 31 Mar 1917 in Washington, DC. She died on 24 Mar 1987 in Arlington, Virginia. She married CLARENCE WESLEY LUSBY, son of Benjamin Franklin Lusby and Edith Irene Raitz on 03 Aug 1935 in Washington, DC (They were married by Reverend Gordon L. Graser at Christ Church, 620 G Street SE, Washington, DC). He was born about 1914 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. He died on 09 May 1966 in Bladensburg, Maryland, USA (Died at Prince Georges Hospital).

Wesley and Elizabeth had the following children:

AFL (Living) 

Generation 5 
AFL married CAS, daughter of Carl F Sporie and Isabella Sharp in Washington, DC at Emmanuel Church. She was born in Danbury, Connecticut

A and C had the following children:

ELIZABETH ANN LUSBY (Living) - ME. Born in New London, Connecticut

Generation 6 
REBECCA ISABELLA LUSBY was born in Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii. She married ROBERT MICHAEL NOE in Bremerton, Washington. He was born in Colorado.

Robert Noe and Rebecca Isabella Noe had the following child:

CASSANDRA BRITTANY NOE was born in Bremerton, Washington.

So that is my Armistead line to date. If you connect to me in any way on this line, I would love to hear from you and compare notes.


  1. When you write it all out it looks like you have a great tart on this family. Hope you can learn more.

  2. Thanks Colleen. I'm really hoping I can find out who his parents were. I'm planning on requesting he death certificate and birth certificate from DC, and if it's on record, hoping either one or both will name his parents.


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