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Surname Saturday - Boa

It's Saturday once again, so that means it's Surname Saturday, a daily blogging prompt from Genabloggers.  Since I'm going alphabetically through the names in my family tree, I'm at "B".  The Boa line runs on my mom's side of the tree through her mother.  This line also runs back to Prince Edward Island in Canada to Scotland.

I haven't done a lot of work on this line, and the information I have is from research done by other family members.  When my mom gave me the folder with all the research papers in it, there wasn't any documentation.  I have some of it documents, mainly in the US and Canada.  Slowly but surely I'll have the rest of the line documented.  I'm looking forward to finding out how early in Scotland the Boa line originated and if they came from anywhere else.

I've always felt an affinity to Scotland, and now I know why.

Descendants of William Boa

Generation 1
 WILLIAM BOA was born about 1770 in Scotland. He died about 1841 in Scotland. He married CATHERINE SCOTT. She was born about 1770 in Scotland. She died about 1841 in Scotland.

William Boa and Catherine Scott had the following children:

Margaret Boa (1787-1876)
Walter Boa (1800-1878)
Peter Boa (1788-1871)
Beatrice Boa (1792-1836)
Andrew Boa (1804-1855)
Patrick Boa (1790-????)
Mary Boa (1811-1876)
Isabel (1808-1849)

Generation 2
 MARGARET BOA was born on 21 Feb 1787 in Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland. She died on May 1876 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She married Thomas Stavert about 1820 in Ettrick, Selkirkshire, Scotland. He was born about 1791 in Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He died on Jun 1869 in Wilmot Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Thomas Stavert and Margaret Boa had the following children:

George Stavert (1838-1909)
Catherine Stavert (1820-1870)
Walter Stavert (1823-1910)

Generation 3
 GEORGE STAVERT was born about 1838 in Wilmot Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died about 1909 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He married (1) JEMIMA CROSBY CLARKE, daughter of George Clarke and Margaret Crosby on 25 Feb 1869 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She was born about 1846. She died about 1874. He married (2) MARY CAMPBELL about 1876 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She was born about 1849. She died about 1925.

George Stavert and Jemima Crosby Clarke had the following child (I'm sure they had more than one child, I just haven't done alot of research on this line yet):

Bessie Eleanor Stavert (1870-1945)

Generation 4
 BESSIE ELEANOR STAVERT was born on 20 Sep 1870 in Wilmont Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died on 22 Aug 1945 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She married JARVIS POPE TANTON. He was born on 12 Dec 1870 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 10 Dec 1951 in Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Jarvis Pope Tanton and Bessie Eleanor Stavert had the following children:

Earl Tanton (1889-1989)
Elgin George Tanton (1896-1963)
Helen Tanton (1899-1966)
Harvey Davis Tanton (1901-1960)
Isabella Sharp Tanton (1902-1968)
Fulton Jarvis Tanton (1904-1967)
Gerald Pope Tanton (1905-1945)
Alexander Brennan Clark Tanton (1906-2001)
Annie Eleanor Tanton (1907-1908)
George Stavert Tanton (1908-1987)
Jemima Muriel Tanton (1911-1954)
Frank Tuplin Tanton (1913-2003)
Florence Eleanor Tanton (1920-????)

Generation 5
 ISABELLA SHARP TANTON was born on 01 Apr 1902 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died on 12 Feb 1968 in Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut. She married (1) CARL F SPORIE, son of Robert Sporie and Louise Grundisch on 27 Jun 1925 in Windham, Cumberland, Maine. He was born on 26 Mar 1902 in New York. He died on 09 Mar 1991 in Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire.

Carl F Sporie and Isabella Sharp Tanton had the following children:

Bessie Eleanor Sporie (Living)
Mildred Louise Sporie (1930-1995)
Marion Sporie (Living)
George Frederick Sporie (Living)
Frank Tanton Sporie (Living)
CAS (Living)

Generation 6
 CAS was born Connecticut. She married AFL, son of Clarence Wesley Lusby and Elizabeth Armistead Hennings in Washington, DC at Emmanuel Church. He was born in Washington, DC.

AFL and CAS had the following children:

Elizabeth Ann Lusby (Living) – ME.  Born in New London, New London, Connecticut.
Rebecca Isabella Lusby (Living)

Generation 7
 REBECCA ISABELLA LUSBY was born in Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii. She married Robert Michael Noe on 27 Oct 1984 in Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington. He was born in Colorado.

Robert Michel Noe and Rebecca Isabella Lusby had the following child:

CASSANDRA BRITTANY NOE was born in Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington.

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  1. Re: Boa surname, I've been told that the name has Norse/Viking origins. My husband's family are from NE Scotland (Sutherland) and his aunt kept referring to a guy called Bertie Boa who was related by marriage to her family. I asked how the name was spelled as quite unusual and not typically Scottish. She said Boa and that it was originally Norse origin. Hearsay though...never checked this out. Was browsing internet on car journey. Track o radio by Alfie Boe, made us curious about name and found your post. Nothing on web to support hearsay...


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